The Stana

Stana deserves an Emmy for a whole lot more than this episode. She deserves all the awards for Kate Beckett in all seasons. Every damn time she’s on screen, I am in awe of hee beauty, the depth of her talent and the complexities she shows in her character, the meticulous foundation she’s built and strengthened over the years for Kate Beckett. Every movement, every smile, everything she’s done to bring to life the fantastic writing. Just…Stana amazes me.




This scene is my main issue with the direction the writers decided to take with this season opener. This basically wraps up everything that is wrong with this storyline. Misgivings. One word. One word that makes absolutely no sense. One word that negates the last six seasons of this show. The fact that Beckett has to even question Castle’s love for her is just so ridiculous. I can’t even wrap my head around it. Yes, this scene was heartbreaking, but more than that it just completely discredits the relationship the writers have built up over the last six years. Never gonna be okay with Beckett having to question Castle’s desire to marry her. Or her thinking he’d keep secrets from her. The Castle we know is unwaveringly devoted to Beckett. And the Beckett we know would never have to question that for a minute. The couple we know shouldn’t have to go through a storyline like this. It’s just dumb, in my opinion. Dumb, and completely unnecessary. Idk. I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around what happened in this episode. I’m even more unsettled about all of this than I was after the season six finale.

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I had issues with the ep, but this bit of meta doesn’t really make sense to me. “Shouldn’t have to go though a storyline like this” doesn’t make sense to me. In fact you couldn’t do a storyline like this in the earlier seasons (prior to 4) because she wouldn’t have that faith and that hope about him, and be tested. Are relationships not tested? All of them are tested. They skate perilously close to thin ice before finding their feet again. It’s OK that Beckett is flawed, that she falters, that she questions. She’s only human. She’s allowed. She picks herself back up again and stares at his picture, trying to bring him back to her alive, even after that.

This I have no issues with. Put them through this. Put them through the heat of this, when nothing makes sense and no answers are found and all she has to comfort herself with is the memory of the man who stood next to a bomb with her and supports him as he struggles with two missing months of his lives. Forge the next link in their chain in the fire of this, forge it of metal that is even stronger, even hardier than what has come before.

This show needs both the angst and the fluff going forward. Both the love and the tension. I think this storyline could be an intriguing way of delivering both.



#this just about caused my death #because look at her face #look #her face says ‘i want to believe you so badly but’ #'the past two months have rattled my trust and shaken my faith and i didn't know if i was the love of your life anymore' #it takes her by surprise #she’s almost surprised that he calls her that #and to him it is the most natural thing in the world to say #her face is so full of awe #not just because he says that #but because he is actually HERE in front of her and he says it with such sincerity and she truly believes him #even though her head is telling her that she shouldn’t #castle #beckett #liferuiners (via kate-hi)